Free Delivery* During Lockdown Level 5/4

FREE DELIVERY…// We are offering our clients in Cape Town Free Delivery during the lock down period…

Please Order your Meds and Pharmacy Essentials on
WhatsApp 0833007720

Email Scripts or transfer from another Pharmacy


Call us between 9am and 4pm

Terms & Conditions

Free delivery service is only available during the time of the 21 Day South African National Covid-19 Lockdown .Free delivery is only available to customers in the Southern Suburbs and Peninsula region of Cape Town. Although we will try our best to deliver within 24 hours after receiving your order we cannot guarantee that all orders will be delivered in a 24 hours period. For all prescription medication the original script will need to be supplied to the driver on delivery. No deliveries will be dispatched before full payment has been received by us.  Orders can only be processed between 9am and 4pm.  We reserve the right to stop this service without notice or limit quantities and the frequency of deliveries. If you have any questions or concerns please call the pharmacy directly on (021) 701 4001 All other terms and conditions apply. All rights reserved.

UPDATE 01 May 2020  –  a Nominal Delivery fee of R35 will be charged on Deliveries in Cape Town from  04 May 2020.