UK (British) Passport Digital Photo Code


Digital Passport Photo Code for Online UK Passport Applications now available in Cape Town, South Africa. See notes on how to take a good photo to upload to us below in description.



Creative photo lab is one of the only Photographic Studios in South Africa that has the expertise and State of the Art Hardware and Software to produce Digital Passport Photo Codes for Uploading to UK Passport renewal Online Applications. We are based in Tokai , Cape Town , and it only takes 5 minutes , if this is too far for you, feel free to order your Approved Digital Photo Code online here .

Simply take get a friend to take your Photo with a fancy iPhone or Digital Camera and upload your photo to us , we will run it through our software
to make sure it can be used and also generate a Digital ID Code that we will then send back to you

Please also email your photo/s to – we will respond within 2 – 24 hours.

Here are some guidelines for taking a good photo…

Photographer: Stand about 2 metres away from the subject.
Capture the subject from the chest and leave space above the head

1. Background and lighting
Your photo must have:
a plain light-coloured background – without texture or pattern
balanced light – no shadows on your face or behind you
no objects behind you

2. Your appearance
Make sure:
the photo is a good likeness taken in the last month
your whole face is visible with your eyes open
you have a plain expression – no smile and mouth closed
there are no reflections or glare (if you have to wear glasses)
you’re not wearing headwear (unless for religious or medical reasons)

3. Photo quality and format
Your photo must:
be in colour, with no effects or filters
not be blurred or have ‘red eye’
be unedited – you can’t ‘correct’ your passport photo


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