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Our digital photo department is one of the very few places around who have the knowledge, equipment and expertise to produce digital photos to the stringent requirements of the US Embassy.

Technological advances in machine readable passports and biometric data storage have changed the way US passport and visa photos may be taken and the way that the US Department of State processes US passport and US visa photos.

Our photographers at Reddam Pharmacy, situated within walking distance from the US consulate,in Tokai in the Western Cape, are ready for you with their special Photographic equipment , Software and State of the Art Digital Photo Printers.

This means that a trip to Reddam Pharmacy, situated next to the American consulate in Cape town for your US visa photos will be hassle free. Within minutes of walking in, you can be sure that you will have all the photo requirements for you visa application attended to.

Booking an appointment is not necessary and we are open 7 days a week.

Apart from taking US Visa and Passport Photos we are also experienced in taking UK (British) Passport and Visa Photos ( New Digital Photo Codes )

as well as Canadian , Australian , New Zeland , Ireland , Indian , Chinese , and just about any other Country in the World.

Business Hours

Monday – Thursday8:30 am – 6:00 pm
Friday9:00 am – 12:45 pm1:45 pm – 6:00 pm
Saturday9:00 am – 2:00 pm
Sunday10:00 am – 1:00 pm

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Reddam Pharmacy is one of the very few places that are able to give you an electronic photo that you may upload onto your DS-160 United States Visa application form and know that it will upload successfully.

Please note that a successful upload of a photo does not guarantee that your photo is 100% correct. We often have Visa applicants who come to us from the embassy on the day of their respective appointments, who have uploaded photos taken by themselves or elsewhere and are required by the embassy to redo photos, even though their photos uploaded successfully.

We know the Embassy’s requirements and understand that the photo undergoes a few more quality checks at the time of the appointment, thus we will ensure that you get this stage of the process “right the first time”

Due to our experience and knowledge in this field we are able to guarantee that our photos will be accepted.If your you come in to us or your online order for Visa photos gets rejected we will refund the cost AND provide a replacement set of photos FOR FREE . If you Require AmericanVisa or Passport Photos, Reddam Pharmacy can assist, Order your Photos Now

Please note: The US Consulate in Cape Town requires a hardcopy of your Visa Photograph even if you submit an online Photo.

REDDAM PHARMACY has no affiliation with the administration of the US EMBASSY,but offer a superior service that can save you both time and money.


Reddam Pharmacy is conveniently situated next to the American Embassy, in Tokai , Cape Town and is the preferred supplier of American Visa and Passport Photos. If you find that a trip to our studio is not possible you can email us a suitable photo and we will produce a set of US visa photos from this.
Before emailing us, read our guidelines for taking suitable photos on our online ordering page. You will also find instructions on how to pay.

Output options INCLUDE

  • Electronic format ie email : Your photo will be emailed back to you in the corrrect format within 24hrs.
  • Electronic format on a cd posted to you within  4 business days.
  • Hard copy, ie. two 50 x 50 Photos printed on high quality photo paper posted within 4 business days.(currently the only option of the US Embassy In South Africa)

Certain US consulates require you to upload a photo, and present a hard copy at the time of the appointment, this is therefore the most recommended option.

Ordering online is a two stage process.

  1. You first need to go to our order now Page where you can place your order
  2. then you will be directed to Payfast, our trusted and secure partner, you can make your payment there. We will then proceed to process your order.

To get started with your US visa or passport photo, all you need is a digital camera with 3 or more megapixels.

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To get started with your US visa or passport photo,you will need a digital camera with 4 or more megapixels . Please set your megapixels to between 3 and 8.

Composition checklist:

 US Visa and Passport photo Reddam Pharmacy 
  • Photographer: Stand about 2 metres away from the subject. Capture the subject from the chest and leave space above the head
  • Shadows: ensure the subject stands one metre away from the background to avoid shadows
  • Expression: make sure the subject has a neutral expression with no teeth showing
  • Glasses: remove to avoid hiding the eyes
  • Eyes: make sure no red eye in your photos
  • Background Colour: white (a white wall in the house )

Note that this is a guidline…

Tips for taking pictures of a baby

  • The passport photo should be a good likeness of the baby
  • Babies do not need a neutral expression in passport photos
  • The head of the baby does not need to be straight
  • The colour of the eyes should be clearly visible in baby passport photos
  • There should be no supporting hands  visible
  • baby does not need to look straight into the camera

Generally, the rules for baby passport photos are relaxed slightly by most countries due to the difficulty in getting babies under one year old to look at the camera.

Send the Photo to us, we will take a look at the photo you send us before going ahead and processing it. Order Now

Digitally retouched photos are not allowed. However, we can improve contrast, brightness, saturation and colour balance etc , and will try to do as much as we can to get your photo to conform to the required passport and visa regulations.

If there are any problems with your photos we will contact you by email .

Otherwise we will send your photo as per the required specifications.

Reddam Pharmacy Specialises in Green Card Application Photos

What is the U.S. Green Card Lottery?

Every year, the Diversity Lottery (DV) Program makes 50,000 immigrant visas available through a lottery. If you receive a visa through the Diversity Visa Lottery Program you and your family will be authorised to live and work permanently in the United States.

Green Card Lottery Application, will be available only online at the State Department dedicated website

– No more regular mailing of applications.This application requires a upload of a digital photo.

If you Require Digital Photos for your American Green Card Application, Reddam Pharmacy can assist, Order your Photos Online now or come into our store and let us take your picture, at Steenberg Village Centre , Reddam Avenue, Tokai, Cape Town

Don’t let your application get rejected for the upload of incorrect photos.

Due to our experience and knowledge in this field we are able to guarantee that our photos will be accepted. If you come in to us , or your online photos gets rejected we will refund the cost AND provide a replacement set of photos FOR FREE

REDDAM PHARMACY has no affiliation with the administration of the US EMBASSY, but offer a Superior service that can save you both time and money.

See the Diversity Visa webpage for more info on DV 2021 application instructions and any available translations.

Please select you preference below and we will respond to your request within 24 hrs.

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Reddam Pharmacy is the preffered supplier of Visa and Passport Photos and Green Card lottery Photos for the American Consulate

We offer a quick and reliable service with secure and discreet payment options, once your order is placed we will respond to you within 24 hours

For your convenience we can

  • Email you the Digital Photo in the accepted format
  • Post the accepted Digital Photo to you on a CD
  • Post you the accepted Printed Photo

If there are any problems with your photos we will contact you by email.

Please note, persons applying for the “US Green Card Lottery” may follow the same procedure as Visa and Passport photo applicants, however they must specify that it is a green card by ticking the green card box on the order form.

Should you wish to order photos for one person please use the order form below.

Should you wish to order Photos for more then one person, please select the required number.

Please note that Printed Photo’s and CD’s will be sent to you via registered mail and will take between 3 and 5 days to be delivered. The tracking number will be sent to you in your confirmation mail.

Creative photo lab is one of the only Photographic Studios in South Africa that has the expertise and State of the Art Hardware and Software to produce Digital Passport Photo Codes for Uploading to UK Passport renewal Online Applications. We are based in Tokai , Cape Town , and it only takes 5 minutes , if this is too far for you, feel free to order your Approved Digital Photo Code online here .

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